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Training course overview

Course overview

This course provides you with an overview of leave management within chris system.


This course should be attended by persons who have previously attended (or have relevant experience):

  • Introduction and Navigation course
  • Payroll Processing (recommended)

The course requires a basic knowledge of working with our system as well as basic understanding of payroll processing and leave requirements of your organisation.


Note, courses may be run in either ichris or chris21 - please check the course date to see which interface will be used.

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Who Should Attend
Who should attend
HR and Payroll Professionals
Personal Drivers
Personal drivers
Learn how leave accrual, balances and payments are managed in our system 
Full day
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What you will learn ...

What you will learn

The course will introduce you to the functionality for:

  • configuring of the general leave tables
  • defining the rules controlling the accrual and payment of leave prior to processing leave taken
  • processing, recording and reporting on leave events in a payrun


Configuring Leave

  • Define general tables used for leave, holiday periods and allowance codes
  • Define rules for accruing leave and generating leave entitlement
  • Define rules to control leave taken and balance adjustments

Recording Leave Balances

  • Assign a staff member to a leave group
  • Review, project and adjust leave balances

Recording Leave Taken

  • Record leave taken by a staff member

Processing Leave in a Payrun

  • Process leave in a payrun
  • Process allowances payable on leave
  • Process retrospective leave changes
  • Identify unprocessed leave and calculate leave loading
  • Include leave payments in payrun calculation

Displaying Leave Balances in a Payslip

  • Configure payslip content
  • Update leave balances
  • Generate payslips

Interpreting Standard Leave Reports

  • Review purpose and report output of standard leave chris reports
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Dates and Venues

This course has no sessions yet. Please check back later.