Professional Services

Melbourne, Australia. Frontier Software announces the appointment of Liviu Marciu to the position of Chief Technology Officer (CTO). The role is tasked with the strategic alignment of our development practices, structure, methods, and tools with a focus on efficiencies, system performance, product quality and time-to-market. 

Based in Melbourne, Liviu will deliver Frontier Software’s technical vision and lead the global technology group. He will implement the strategic direction, development, and growth trajectory for the group. 

After a successful exit from a software company he founded after university, Liviu embarked on a corporate career in parallel with completing the MBA program at the prestigious Melbourne Business School. Liviu’s career spans many areas of IT, including development, delivery, product management, heads of and CTO roles held both nationally and internationally. 

Liviu is known for his ability to build and improve the delivery capability for local and remotely located teams. As a leader, Liviu is known for challenging the status quo and for his commitment to encouraging continuous improvement and embedding a learning culture.  

Prior to joining Frontier Software, Liv’s last position was as Head of Engineering for Ai Media. Before Ai Media, he held the role of CTO at the iconic Jim’s Group and was the architect of Jim’s partnership with AWS. 

Former colleagues say Liviu is “a driver, a leader achieving tangible, quantifiable results.” He is also described as having “a humble, self-effacing manner. He is a true gentleman, a collaborator.”  

Asked about his new appointment, Liviu said, “I am humbled by the opportunity of joining the team at Frontier Software. It is an organization with an amazing track record of delivery and customer service excellence. I am looking forward to positively contributing to this reputation.” 

Nick Southcombe, CEO of Frontier Software Australia, adds, “We are fortunate to have been able to recruit an executive of Liviu’s calibre to join the Frontier Software team. The blend of technical leadership and business acumen Liviu brings is well timed as Frontier Software continues to evolve its leading HR and payroll software products and services in a fast-moving market and technological environment.”