eLearning - CR.

Frontier Software now offers its clients eLearning modules. "The HR and Payroll sector is dynamic", says Nick Southcombe, Chief Executive Officer. "We are subject to frequent regulatory and legislative changes, as evidenced by the recent JobKeeper scheme in Australia. HR and Payroll people regularly need to expand and update their skills, which is why we developed online training for our clients. Now, with the emergence of remote and hybrid working arrangements, online learning is becoming even more of a business imperative."

Delivered via an online learning platform, Frontier Software clients can now purchase and access training courses. These can be completed at their own pace and on-demand.

Nick Southcombe sees the benefits, "Our clients needed a way to ensure their HR and payroll teams were fully competent and up to date. Our eLearning modules will assist them in achieving this goal by enabling learning to occur in a timeframe that suits them. There are no prescribed dates and times with all learning completed online and no training room to attend. A learner is in control and can complete an entire course or selected chapters."

Frontier Software now offers our clients a number of existing courses, with many more to come. "This is the future", says Nick Southcombe,"and we intend to expand our offering accordingly. Watch this space".