03. Workforce Management

Choice and flexibility from a proven supplier

Looking for accurate, secure and reliable software combined with the expertise necessary to maintain and support payroll in line with legislation? Choose award winning, ichris cloud software for modularity, flexibility and functionality, backed up by a team of experienced Payroll and HR specialists. A powerful combination from Frontier Software that delivers a proven solution for the education sector.

Payroll and HR administration within education is complex. Varied pay scales, pensions and multiple contracts are key elements that can be difficult to administer effectively and efficiently. With the right software you can simplify the complex and manage both teaching and non-teaching staff across a variety of pay structures and contracts of employment. For example, with ichris multiple contract functionality you can accurately pay a staff member working in different roles, with different terms and conditions and different entitlements for leave, allowances etc. And provide a payslip that correctly reflects the hours worked. ichris treats each role as a separate contract, meaning you can configure the contract to reflect the employment conditions of every role. Each contract is associated with a single staff member, so you can be confident that tax and pensions are paid correctly and always in accordance with statutory and occupational rules.

Centralised data with a single point of entry and automated processes will see a reduction in time consuming routine tasks and duplicated effort, leading to a reduction in associated costs. The administrative burden on an over stretched team can be further reduced through streamlined processing and standard outputs for LGPS, TPS and the Schools Workforce Census. Plus, ichris is delivered with an easy to use, in-built report designer and a comprehensive range of standard reports, providing essential data with minimum effort. For more advanced analytics, the Human Capital Intelligence reporting suite has dashboards for at-a-glance data in graphical formats, with drill-down into data for in-depth insights and information.

As a specialist Payroll and HR solution provider, Frontier Software can give every school, academy, and college a choice on how and where their payroll is processed, how and when staff members record absence, view their payslip or complete a performance review.  24/7 access to information is possible with browser-based software and self-service portals. Optional software modules are available to support HR from recruitment and onboarding through training, performance and career planning, utilising self-service for anytime access to information using a range of devices.

Flexibility is at the very core of what Frontier Software offers. A single focus on Payroll and HR management enables Frontier Software to deliver what’s needed and when for every customer, with a choice of multi-functional, scalable cloud or on-premise software solutions. Alternatively, for those looking to pass some or all the responsibility for processing pay to the experts, outsourced payroll services can be tailored to individual requirements. All services utilise the HMRC tested and recognised ichris software, with the freedom to change the choice of service at any time. The ultimate in flexibility from an established and experienced provider to the education sector.

Article originally published on Education Today May 2022.