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On 17 November, Frontier Software confirmed the restoration of safe system access to all Australian hosted customer systems impacted by the recent cyber incident of 13 November 2021. 

The active monitoring of our environments, which is being overseen by cyber security experts from CyberCX, has detected no malicious activity across Frontier Software environments.

The ongoing forensic investigation and other response activities conducted by Frontier Software and CyberCX has now confirmed evidence of some data exfiltration from Frontier Software’s internal Australian corporate environment. We have not identified evidence of compromise or exfiltration outside this segmented environment.

We have further identified that some of the data exfiltrated from our internal corporate environment relates to a small number of Frontier Software customers. We are now in the process of directly notifying these customers that they may be affected.

Our investigations into this incident are ongoing, and we will continue to communicate any relevant new findings to our customers as a priority.

If you are a client of Frontier Software you may access further information in the client area of the website.