Not enough consideration is given to the relationship between payroll and employee engagement. But consider the impact of a pay process being incorrect, or employees not being able to access tools to query the details of their pay. As a fundamental measure of employer commitment, accurate and timely payroll and its impact on employee morale and engagement must be top of mind for every organisation. So how certain are you that your payroll is a positive driver of employee engagement?

Join Nick Southcombe, CEO of Frontier Software, Aaron Silvestro, Consultant at The Voice Project and Mukta Jain, Payroll Manager at Eclipx Group as they discuss:

  • The two things an employer can do right now to lift employee engagement levels
  • How payroll and its related apps and modules can improve the employee experience
  • Emerging trends in employee engagement
  • The importance of functionality vs. user experience in software applications
  • Barriers to implementing engagement activities