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“Engaging Frontier Software to provide payroll services has increased our productivity." "We are now expending half the effort to achieve outcomes that are twice as good."

Shaun Holmgreen, Director of Finance, HR and Operations UCB Australia.


UCB Australia offers innovative medicines and solutions to people suffering from severe central nervous system or immunological disorders.

UCB had used the same payroll services provider for over 15 years. Dated screen design and a difficult to use Self Service system created a negative user experience. No mobile app was available to employees to manage simple tasks, and UCB could not rely on advice provided by the vendor's off-shore support team.

  • Errors were commonplace and often not reported for months, requiring extensive time and effort by the UCB to fix in order to maintain compliance.
  • Payroll reporting was simplistic and provided in pdf format that made it challenging for the finance team to analyse the data.
  • UCB were unable to extract their own reports or complete any payroll tasks themselves, requiring support from their payroll vendor.
  • The payroll process was slow and required constant vigilance to ensure a quality outcome.

When going to market, UCB had two very specific requirements.

  • They needed a user-friendly interface supported by a mobile self service app for field employees.
  • With a European head office, they also needed customised financial reporting.

UCB chose Frontier Software for several reasons. They were impressed by the 35 year heritage of Frontier Software and the time taken by the Frontier Software team to understand their needs. Their adopted solution meets their key selection criteria and offers:

  • A modern user interface
  • Mobile HR for all employees
  • Reports that can be in excel format for instant analysis
  • A custom report generator
  • Access to undertake payroll tasks themselves

Frontier Software provides a dedicated payroll team based in Australia that is conversant with the local regulatory environment. The combination of technology, local expertise and powerful reporting has resulted in greater payroll accuracy and reduced delivery times for UCB. With faith restored in their payroll service, the team can focus on other tasks.


Industry sector: Pharmaceutical
Customer since: 2020
Headcount: 45 employees
Delivery method: Outsourced
Solution: Payroll, Self-service
Country: Australia


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