RPC bpi group

“The Frontier Software Payroll and Self Service solution means we no longer rely on paper payslips. This achievement reduced our costs and increased productivity. Frontier Software worked closely with us and we have built fantastic working relationships".

RPC bpi group


RPC bpi group is a leading global manufacturer of high performance polythene films and one of Europe's largest recyclers of polythene waste with a vision to create sustainable smarter flexible solutions to preserve, protect and promote customer valued goods through innovation, expertise and knowledge in a safe and inspiring business and environment.

When the project for e-payslips began in 2014, employees were receiving a paper payslip with attendant annual costs in postage and documentation. Furthermore, the production and sealing of payslips for 24 fortnightly payrolls consumed valuable time that the company was confident could be recouped. The introduction of e-payslips using Frontier Software’s payroll system was seen as the way forward and, by the end of the project, no paper payslips were being produced.

The drive for continual improvement saw the payroll team focus on processing efficiencies and the subsequent roll-out of Self Service to all employees. Self Service enables employees to view payslips, change personal details, view leave balances and request leave, which streamlines processes and reduces the workload for the payroll team. Managers can approve requests submitted via Self Service on their own devices, removing the need for a labour intensive paper-based system. In addition, the integrated Time & Attendance system enables managers to approve timesheets quickly and provides a team calendar view for the year.

As one of Frontier Software’s largest UK clients, RPC bpi has implemented the majority of systems in the product suite and now has plans to introduce the Mobile HR application.



Industry sector: Manufacturing
Customer since: 2004
Headcount: 1,400 employees
Delivery method: On-premise
Solution: Payroll, Self-service, Time and Attendance
Country: United Kingdom


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