Western Australia HR Leadership Summit 

Date: Monday 13 & Tuesday 14 September 2023

Venue: The Westin, Perth

After a challenging year of disruptions, it is time for renewal, reflection and to look ahead. The pandemic has forced businesses to respond quickly, reset and rethink about the way that they can operate more efficiently and remain relevant to their workforce and customers. On the one hand, technology has been heavily relied upon as businesses transit quickly to remote and hybrid working. On the other hand, maintaining employee engagement, well-being, collaboration, and learning have never been more important than now, highlighting the value of human connections in the changing world of work. HR leaders continue to play a critical role to support and improve employee engagement, well-being, and learning to drive performance, innovation and growth.


We understand the critical role program contents play in driving engaging and informative conversations at conferences that are relevant to HR leaders, their industries and their workforce. We are connected to C-level HR leaders across industries to share their knowledge, innovative approaches, business cases and success stories, ensuring high level peer-to-peer dialogues are generated from their insightful keynote addresses. Here what some of our past delegates have said about this event.