The Frontier Software Single Touch Payroll (STP) module enables you to meet the STP submission requirements prescribed by the Australian Taxation Office (ATO). Scroll down to view the ATO Letters of Confirmation.
The module enables you to produce pay or update event files using data held within your Frontier Software payroll solution.
You can then submit the data to the ATO from your ichris desktop or chris21 solution. There is no need to engage the services of a third-party supplier to complete submission.
ATO error messages are returned directly to the STP module, enabling you to make most corrections within the module itself before resubmission.
The STP module holds a detailed and summarised history of submissions made to the ATO.


Product Single Touch Payroll

End-to-end processing of STP data
Direct link on report output screen to submit STP data to the ATO
Single repository for report files and submission outcomes
Outcomes can be displayed in detailed or summary views
One intuitive Frontier Software interface

Benefits of Using Single Touch Payroll

Product Single Touch Payroll 02

Single solution for all steps of the STP process
No reliance on third-party software or providers
Less administration – one provider, one contact, one invoice
No privacy concerns about data residing in third-party systems
Quickly fix most errors in a single interface
Fully integrated with ichris