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Training course overview

Course overview

This course provides you with an in-depth understanding of the superannuation tables and forms used to define the superannuation payments that are used in the payroll.


This course should be attended by persons who have previously attended (or have relevant experience):

  • Introduction and Navigation course
  • Payroll Processing course

The course requires a basic knowledge of working with our system as well as intermediate understanding of payroll processing procedures.


Note, courses may be run in either ichris or chris21 - please check the course date to see which interface will be used.

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Who Should Attend
Who should attend
Payroll Professionals
Personal Drivers
Personal drivers
Learn how to configure and process superannuation contributions in your system
Half day
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What you will learn ...

What you will learn

The course will introduce you to the functionality for:

  • setting up Superannuation fund details
  • setting up staff member's Superannuation for both company and member contributions
  • understanding how the Calculate Pay process generates Superannuation contributions
  • generating SuperStream files and reports


Defining staff member Superannuation contributions

  • Company rules and Superannuation Funds data
  • SuperStream file
  • Superable Salary
  • Thresholds, caps and exemptions
  • Allowances and Superannuation payments

Processing company and staff member Superannuation contributions

  • Staff Superannuation setup
  • Calculation of Superannuation
  • Generation of SuperStream files
  • Maintaining changes
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Dates and Venues

This course has no sessions yet. Please check back later.