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Training course overview

Course overview

This course explains various forms of pay adjustments that can be processed in chris system.


This course should be attended by persons who have previously attended (or have relevant experience):

  • Introduction and Navigation course
  • Payroll Processing course

The course requires a basic knowledge of working with our system as well as intermediate understanding of payroll processing procedures.


Note, courses may be run in either ichris or chris21 - please check the course date to see which interface will be used.

Training course cost
Who Should Attend
Who should attend
Payroll and Finance Professionals
Personal Drivers
Personal drivers
Learn how to amend current, past and future staff payments in our system 
Half day
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What you will learn ...

What you will learn

The course will introduce you to the functionality for:

  • processing various types of pay adjustments including manual pay, advanced pay, Extra Pay and Next Pay
  • processing, reporting and clearing of Static Updates
  • processing of Rebanks and Redraws


Processing Extra Pay

  • Process Extra Pay for leave paid in advance
  • Process Extra Pay for amount paid manually
  • Process Extra Pay for an ad-hoc payment
  • Process Extra Pay for multiple staff members

Processing Pay Adjustments

  • Control aspects of a staff member's next Normal and/or Extra Pay
  • Override staff member's Autopay
  • Create a pay adjustments entry manually
  • Create batch pay adjustment entries

Processing Static Updates and Rebanks/Redraws

  • Create a manual payment without generating a payrun
  • Rebank or Redraw a staff member’s full pay
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Dates and Venues

Melbourne (ichris)
13 May 2020
Afternoon Session 1.30pm - 5pm
AUD $400 +GST per attendee