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Training course overview

Course overview

This course will equip you with skills required to make basic changes to existing forms safely and to document and maintain customisation.


This course should be attended by persons who have previously attended (or have relevant experience):

  • Introduction and Navigation course

The course is designed for persons who have knowledge of their organisation's requirements and an appropriate level of understanding and experience using those areas of the system that are to be customised.


Note, courses may be run in either ichris or chris21 - please check the course date to see which interface will be used.

Training course cost
Who Should Attend
Who should attend
System Administrators, HR and Payroll Professionals
Personal Drivers
Personal drivers
Learn how to customise your system
Half day
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What you will learn ...

What you will learn

The course will introduce you to the functionality for:

  • customising standard forms, fields and file tables
  • customising menus and wizards
  • attaching user-defined forms to a customisable menu role 



  • Understanding the database structure
  • Understanding the database dictionary
  • Changing existing forms
  • Changing existing fields
  • Creating new fields


  • Record keeping
  • Removing customisation
  • Reviewing customisation after a system upgrade
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Dates and Venues

Melbourne (chris21)
18 May 2020
Morning Session 9am - 12.30pm
AUD $400 +GST per attendee
Melbourne (ichris)
17 Jun 2020
Morning Session 9am - 12.30pm
AUD $400 +GST per attendee
Brisbane (chris21)
18 Jun 2020
Morning Session 9am - 12.30pm
AUD $400 +GST per attendee
Adelaide (chris21)
24 Jun 2020
Morning Session 9am - 12.30pm
AUD $400 +GST per attendee